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Thornwick Bay derives it's name from "Thor" the God of Thunder because of the roar of the breaking waves on the rocks during a North Easterly gale which pounds the magnificent cliffs. I the winter when the winds are strong and the weather is bad, when the waves hit the rocks, foam and spray blows up the cliff and over the cafe, but thankfully most people  come to visit in the Spring, Summer and Autumn months when the weather is much calmer, and people can sit on the cliff top and admire the fantastic scenery and watch the sun reflect off the brilliant white chalk cliffs which have been cleaned by the winter storms over thousands of years.

    The stretch of water North of the Lighthouse was named the graveyard by the skippers and crew of sailing vessels which once they had lost the safety of Bridlington Bay, and without the aids of navigation and weather forecasting which we now take for granted, were at the mercy of the angry weather, Marine charts show hundreds of wrecks all within a few miles radius of Thornwick bay. Much more information can be found in the book "Shipwrecks off the Yorkshire Coast".


A great many people visit Thornwick Bay each year to enjoy wonderful cliff top walks observing the abundance of seabirds including Puffins, Guillemots and Kittiwakes etc. Flamborough Head is an official bird observatory.

Scuba diving continues to be extremely popular with many organizations and clubs. Recently the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has become involved in the management of part of the area.


A perfect day out…

We have seen many families make some fantastic memories at Thornwick Bay.  Why not be among the next ones?

 With the extensive coves within walking distance, why not come and explore as part of a field trip, from wave cut platforms to sea anemones there is something to catch the eye!

Contact us for more information as we are happy to cater for you and your party.



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